7th IT Meet Promoting ICT for SDG

Kathmandu University Computer Club (KUCC) is conducting IT Meet for the 7th time, and this time they
are doing it at the one and only IT Park, located at Banepa-Panauti Road, Kavre. They are conducting the
event with the slogan Discover | Develop | Deploy. Any technological change starts with a discovery, the
discovery of an idea, an idea which needs to be developed into a visible product and deployed for the
world to see and evaluate. They aim to conduct the events to touch all these aspects of any technological
innovation, to promote ICT in a country like Nepal, in which ICT development is not at its peak, but holds
great potential to be the driver of overall development.

The theme of the event is “ICT for SDG”. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), otherwise known
as the Global Goals, are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all
people enjoy peace and prosperity. Nepal, as a member state of the United Nations (UN), is fully
committed to this global initiative. But the policies, set forth by the government can’t be fully implemented until it is acknowledged by Universities and Industries. The IT Meet 2018 aims to, at least aware the ICT crowd about SDG.

Events of IT Meet 2018

They are conducting following events in IT Meet 2018:


This year, Hackathon is sponsored by Leapfrog Inc and supported by Nepal Telecommunication
Authority (NTA). This is a 40-hour event where the coders, developers, designers, makers, come
together to address challenges on a certain theme provided during the event. The theme for the
hackathon is “ICT for SDG”.

Yomari Code Camp

Yomari Code Camp is a hackathon-like event where the participants create useful application using any
platform within a short time frame (8 hours).

Python Meetup

This is an event where the participants will be meeting and interacting with Python developers. The talk
is more focused on Artificial Intelligence and the role of the Python Community.

LTSP e-library

At IT MEET 2018, they demonstrate how Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP), deployed by Help Nepal
Network (HeNN) in rural areas of Nepal, work and how they help decrease digital divide.

Project Demonstration

In this event, students will be given a platform to showcase their projects in front of visitors. This way
the students will get a chance to get valuable feedback and reaction from the visitors. Both hardware
and software projects will be demonstrated in this event.

Software Competition

In this event, students will demonstrate their software products. It will be judged by the panel of experts.

Hardware Competition

In this event, students will demonstrate their hardware products. It will be judged by the panel of

Coding Tournament and Competitions

In this event, participants solve algorithmic and mathematical challenges using programming language
of their choice.

Career Fair

IT Meet 2018 will also include a career fair. Potential employers will be able to interact with the
potential employees. This will provide students opportunity to meet employers and perform first


This event is based on the Capture The Flag (CTF) framework where different teams compete with each
other for the Ultimate Hacking Team Title. The participants are expected to break the security

IT Quiz

This year, IT Quiz is focused on the +2 students of Kavrepalanchowk District. As named, the quiz is fully
based on Information and Technology (IT). The event is organized to encourage the young students to
enter in the rapidly developing IT field.

Idea Hunt

In this creative event, teams from various academic backgrounds construct ideas on a given theme and
present their idea to a panel of judges. The judges will select and award the best pitching under several
criteria such as creativity, market feasibility, resources use, etc.

Virtual Reality Meetup

The Virtual Reality (VR) Meetup in IT Meet 2018 is sponsored by Paracosma: Virtual Reality R&D Labs.
The presenters will share their experience with the possibilities of developing our country using VR.
Furthermore, the participants will be able to experience the VR Technologies in the event.


This is a fun event where the participants use Google to search the answers for the queries put in the
database previously created.

Designing Competition

This competition is based on creativity with a particular theme. The participants use Adobe Photoshop
or any other designing software to design on the given theme.

Photography Competition

This is a voting based competition, where the observers of IT Meet vote for the best photography
provided by the participants.

Gaming Events

The gaming events for this years’ IT Meet are as follows:
• FIFA 18
• Dota 2
• Counter Strike (CS) Go
• Mini Militia

Alumni Meet

For the first time in history, they are organizing Alumni Meet. The alumni of DoCSE come together once
again to refresh the memories and share their experience among themselves and the teachers.

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Sushant Gautam

Mostly writes on growing tech trends, events, and future of technologies. He has a keen interest in tech entrepreneurial infrastructures and startup ecosystem of Nepal. He believes in using latest technologies in problem-solving and regularly patrols the progress in solving SDGs in developing countries. He is also a licenced amateur radio operator and ETC volunteer for disaster communication .

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