Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a modern computing field that attempts to augment machine development to the point where it transcends human intelligence. The subject incorporates the concepts of computation and statistics with brain physiology, to create autonomous sentient machines capable of extrapolating independent conclusions.
The success to creating a successful AI is contingent upon success to build machines that can learn and correct themselves. So, recent AI endeavors have inclined towards Machine Learning Algorithms. These Algorithms use statistical and probabilistic approaches to create either supervised or unsupervised learning algorithm. These algorithms are heavily used in modern technologies.The advantage of AI is tremendous. We have already been using primitive AI in almost every sector of technology. From Youtube’s video recommendation to Facebook’s adverts, all of them are governed by a simple machine learning algorithm akin to AI.
But, these advantages are only the tip of the iceberg. The invention of Pure AI is anticipated to create a machine singularity: a point of time where we become so advanced that returning back to our previous lifestyle becomes impossible.
However, technology is, and always has been, a double edged sword. Although, the current AI has proven to be very useful, these algorithms are very brittle. They are unable to cope with new paradigms and patterns and easily break. Moreover, if we ever reach a machine singularity, then we will require extreme scrupulousness (and caution) to manipulate AI because even the tiniest mistake could spell the end of humanity.
After the invention of computers which eased our life physically, AI is the next big thing which will ease our life mentally. It is one of the most enthralling topics of modern science which, when successful, will give birth to an entirely new era in human evolution.

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Sushant Gautam

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