Audio Power Amplifier Project

This project has been developed with an aim to design a low power audio amplifier and learn about the gain and efficiency of amplifier. The components used for this project are simple and affordable. The audio input is given through audio jack which is then amplified by IC and output is taken through speaker.
It contains major four parts i.e. audio signal generator, input, control (amplify) and output part. Audio signal is provided through mobile phones and input is given with the help of audio jack (3.5mm) which is connected with female jumper wires and inserted to male headers attached on the circuit board. The audio signal so provided is amplified or boosted by LM386 IC. A DC 9V supply is given to the Op-Amp through battery. Then so called amplified signal is sent to speaker as output. The output can be controlled by rotary potentiometer which adjusts the input signal level and acts as volume control.

Get all the documents and PCB wizard files here

Circuit Diagram Audio Amp
Circuit Diagram Audio Amplifier designed using PCB Wizard






front audio amp
Front View of Audio Amplifier Circuit
Audio Amplfier Circuit in Operation





















Connected with oscilloscope
Audio Power Amplifier Stimulation Diagram : Proteus
Proteus Diagram
Waveform observed for audio power amplifier output
Waveform observed in Oscilloscope
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