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TechTalk 30th session With Brand New Faces

When it comes to a new university, it’s always happiness mixed with inquisitiveness, and so was the tech talk 30th session on Pulchowk campus with the new students of 074.

Initiated with the aim of developing presentation skills among the students within Pulchowk campus, these days with the vigorous and dynamic participation it is blooming as one of the pronounced events. 30th session organised on the first day of college, Mangsir 1 was full of audiences, most were the exciting new faces also with the organising members and volunteers.We had our guest speakers like Matthew Rockwell, from Disaster Hack and Dip Kamal Bhusal from Paaila technology for this session.

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Matt Rockwell from Ignition Lab getting Token of Love from Prof, Dr Arun K Timalsina

The event started with the short intro video of the first speaker, Matt regarding his social work using technology succeeding to the first presentation by Matt about Disaster Hack and Ignition Lab. He addressed the actual meaning of Hacking and notified about the distribution of prosthetic hands to the people which works on the basis of a movement of the nerves. With this utterance, the hall was full of clappings. He inspired all the students to dream big and work on that dream. With this, a token of love was handed to him by our respected Professor Dr Arun Kumar Timalsina, also the chief guest of our event.

Dipkamal Bhusal, Paaila Technology receiving Token Of Love from Prof. Dr Arun K Timalsina

By this, again followed by the introductory video, second guest speaker, Mr Dip Kamal Bhusal, co-founder of Paaila Technology was invited for his presentation. He was the former electronics and communication engineering student of Pulchowk Campus, so he mentioned the way he was like during bachelor life and advised the newcomers to follow knowledge based on self-research and practice. He explained the way how he, along with four other members started Paaila. The invention of Pari, the first humanoid robot of Nepal was one of the main subject matter of his presentation and we came to know the second version of Pari is on the way. Lastly, he notified the music seasons going to be released from Silver strings studio soon. He is one of the founders of Silver Strings Studio.

With this, we had the closing speech by our Chief Guest, Professor Dr Arun Kumar Timalsina which was full of passion, spirit and hope mainly focused to the new faces who had chosen their career as an engineer.

By this TechTalk 30th session was successfully accomplished, ever with 400+ audiences.

Sushant Gautam

Mostly writes on growing tech trends, events, and future of technologies. He has a keen interest in tech entrepreneurial infrastructures and startup ecosystem of Nepal. He believes in using latest technologies in problem-solving and regularly patrols the progress in solving SDGs in developing countries. He is also a licenced amateur radio operator and ETC volunteer for disaster communication .

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