NEPAL likely to be connected with INTERNET from CHINA this week : End of Indian Dependency

After successful test of Internet Connection from China in JUNE last year, the wait is now going to be over for Nepalese people. As per the officials of Nepal Telecom(NT), Nepal will be connected with Internet from China within this week.Nepal China Internet Service

Why did it take so long?

Although it has been 6 months since NT declared to bring Internet connection from China Telecom, the snow fall in Rashuwagadhi Area has obstructed this task. The cables got damaged due to heavy rainfall in that region. To overcome this problem, China Telecom did re-routing of 3KM  optical fiber connection.

End of Indian Dependency

Till date, Nepal Telecom has been bringing Internet service in Nepal through various ISPs of India like TATA, Airtel, BSNL and Reliance. The currently brought Internet is 22 GB volume based package. After this connection, Nepal will be connected with HONG KONG based data centre, which is one of the two biggest global data centres in Asia.

What are the advantages?
  • Nepal can now be connected with other ISPs of China
  • End of Indian Dependency over Internet
  • This will create competitive environment between Internet Providers in Nepal which would reduce cost of Internet Service here.

Although there is rumour among the people that after this connection people won’t be able to access Facebook as it has been banned in China, this is not true. Since Nepal is going to be connected with Hong Kong based data center there won’t be any problem while accessing Facebook and Google Services.



Sushant Gautam

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